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Fear No Fashion evolved over a decade ago after our founders spent many years in the Apparel Industry working for leading manufacturers and had a strong desire to set out on their own destiny.     The original brand, "Blue Essence" was made in the USA and offered a premium selection of denim and twill in a wide range of colors and washes.    This brand was carried nationally at Nordstroms and other leading department stores here in USA and abroad.    The brand was known for its perfect fit, feel, wash, overall quality and excellent price points.  Due to our loyal following we are going to re-launch this brand.   In addition, we are excited to share our new brands with you.    "Designed by Pat Pending" will offer limited edition runs of premium luxe cotton tees for men and women with great screen prints.    This brand will celebrate the inventor who created a patent for significant products that have made our life better.  In many instances we have simply forgot how these products came about and that is what this brand is about ... for renewed appreciation for the designer.     These shirts should make a great conversation piece.  Our other brand, "That's SO LA", is a fun spin on Los Angeles, the hub of the apparel, entertainment and the travel industry and is a sort of a pun on life here in LA, which by the way is our location...  Please enjoy our product and stay tuned for lots more to come.

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